I want a passive income

You will not believe how much I get this said to me on a daily basis.
To put it bluntly nobody is going to tap you on the shoulder and give it to you.
You need to listen, learn and adapt to your everyday life.
I made this website so you can do just that, starting now, yes today, right now!

Do you think I was sitting there one day, just like you are now and someone said to me, ‘hey here is £500 and I am going to give you this every single week for the rest of your life’. Well guess what, wake up, this did not happen and will not happen to you either.

I learnt about stocks and shares as soon as I learnt to use Google, if I had a website like this when I was listening and learning I would of been in a lot better position than I am now, so there is no reason you wont be able to change your life and of course get yourself a passive income!

I used to think about stocks and shares as a waste of time and resources, until I learnt and understood what was happening with the world. I think as you get older and more mature you watch the news and see what is happening and how it impacts on the stock exchange.

A current example (at the time of writing this) is Brexit, you will notice that the pound strength against the Euro or Dollar for example was steady, now currently during this Brexit period, you will see that the great British pound strength is absolutely shit, but it doesn’t take a genius to listen, learn, predict, bet, gamble, that at some point, specifically after all of this Brexit is done and over with, the great British pound is going to get stronger against the Euro and the Dollar. So in stocks and shares terms, or shall I say Forex terms if you are a bit more advanced, it would be a good idea to buy when low and sell when high to make money with the stocks and shares. – This is just one of the finer examples, I am not telling you or encouraging you to do this because I could be wrong, but how low can the pound go until it gets stronger? – I know what my money is on.

So back to the passive income you want, there is many ways in which you can make yourself a passive income.

Stocks, Shares, Sports Betting, Casino Gambling, I hear you saying, bull shit? – I am living proof it can be done and is being done. – If you listen, learn, adapt, anything is possible.

Sports Betting and Casino Gambling is a little different when it comes to making money, you need to spread your bets to cover your bets but still make on a rolling bet. I will explain this at a later date.

Until then, keep visiting for content added daily on stocks shares, betting and gambling!